5 Home Renovations That Will Increase ROI in Venice Homes for Sale

We have all been captivated by HGTV home renovation reality shows with the hottest upgrades and unforgettable farmhouse facelifts. But the most desirable renovations and costliest facelifts don’t always equate to the greatest return on investment (ROI).

If you’re looking to upgrade your Venice real estate, you want to select the right projects in which to invest. Here are the top 5 renovations that will help get you top dollar for your house— and fast!

Expand your outdoor living

Southern California is known for its beautiful summers. Creating high-end outdoor living spaces and private fresh air access in your Venice real estate are desirable selling points. Especially with today’s new standard of people spending more time at home than before.

Upgrading backyards is one of the best ways to add curb appeal to Venice homes for sale. To turn your outdoor space into a high-end oasis, consider starting with the landscaping. The options are unlimited, from topiaries and fountains to rose gardens and high hornbeam hedge enclosures. Hiring an experienced professional landscape designer will ensure that you choose the right plants for your area, and you’ll get options for the best design plans for your property.

Outdoor kitchens and relaxing spaces for entertaining are also worth upgrading, with built-ins, fireplaces, pergolas, trellises, and more. These are wonderful to build around a pool. If your property does not have one, installing a pool in the L.A. area can raise the value of your home.

Tasteful and evocative lighting can also transform your outdoor space. Hanging soft-lit, no-flame lanterns on trees can give a romantic, dreamy feel. Glass outdoor lanterns can add a touch of sophistication, and textured pendant lighting will complement any natural outdoor setting. Outlets out-of-range are also no problem these days, as light fixtures—such as lanterns and pathway lights—that use solar-powered rechargeable batteries are also available.

Practical, energy-saving upgrades

The ethically chic know that you can have an eye for luxury and be eco-friendly at the same time. One upgrade that will give your Venice real estate great ROI is installing energy-saving upgrades such as smart programmable thermostats and energy-efficient windows.

Heat gain and loss through windows can add up to 30% of residential heating and cooling use. Upgrading or replacing windows with energy-efficient ones can save you on energy bills and make your home more comfortable, but reducing wasted energy consumption is better for the environment. Proper installation in Venice homes for sale is critical with energy-efficient windows, so hiring an experienced licensed professional for installation is a smart move.

Mini-renovations in the kitchen

Buyers interested in Venice homes for sale are often looking for modern kitchens. Updating your kitchen appliances, such as your fridge and stove, will add value to your property. If your cabinets need reinventing, consider thoughtful new handles and a fresh coat of paint instead of a full-on replacement.  Also, a fresh statement backsplash can transform your kitchen with color and texture.

Don’t forget about lighting! To make your kitchen cozy and inviting, you can enhance the lighting by updating the paint color to something brighter and installing light fixtures that provide a warm glow and a beautiful statement piece around which your family and guests will want to gather.

Elevate the flooring

If you want your floors to make a statement, changing the flooring of your Venice real estate can add practical resale value.

You may want to consider some recent flooring trends: warm gray luxury vinyl plank, chevron plank, geometric vinyl sheet flooring, stone tile, natural hardwood, and more. Easy to install and clean, luxury flooring selections are becoming increasingly popular in Venice homes for sale. They often come with options for rigid core, anti-slip surfaces, and varying degrees of thickness and durability.

If you want something softer underfoot, this year’s carpet trends swing towards bold self-expression and patterns and earth tones. You can think of your floor as your home’s main canvas—what do you want to create?

Update your garage door

An unexpectedly well-done garage door can help your Venice real estate blend into its surroundings and add curb appeal. Especially in car-friendly Venice, California.

If your home has a modern look, adding luxe metal and glass garage doors is a sleek yet inviting option for garage doors. More bungalow-styles homes may enjoy craftsman-style garage doors with charming glass panels at the top. For a nature-blended feel, framing your garage doors with trellises covered in bright bougainvillea flowers can add vibrance and draw eyes to Venice homes for sale.

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed when it comes to renovating their Venice real estate. For help with your home sale, contact The Ravelo & Deane Group today. Judy Deane and Orlando Ravelo are experienced local luxury real estate agents who are well-positioned to help you with every aspect of selling and buying Venice homes for sale.

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